The right song for the way you feel

I have been feeling a certain way lately that I want to find the right song for. But I don’t know any songs that work for it. The only song that comes close is a Feist song. Feist is great but I can’t have my song be a Feist song. Someone reading this might say, “Who cares if it’s a Feist song? If you like the song, just have that be the song.” But they don’t get it. It’s not even an exact fit anyway.

If I found the right song I’d listen to it over and over and over again. I’d think I was getting sick of it, but then I’d put it on once more and the cycle would begin anew. No amount of listening to that song would ever seem like enough. It would hurt not to be listening to that song. What would be great is that I could always listen to it again.

There’s nothing else in the world you can do that with. You can’t do it with movies or books because they take too long. You definitely can’t do it with food. And the fact that you can’t do it with places or people is the reason you need songs to do it with in the first place.

Half the time, at least. Sometimes you just really like the song.



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3 responses to “The right song for the way you feel

  1. Clay

    A perceptive observation, indeed. It may also be noted that the song which is inevitably selected will never serve to alter the current state; it will only perpetuate it.

  2. Anonymous

    new blog post?

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