Neighbours and their sex

My apartment building is a decrepit shithole, located right across from one of the best parks in the city. It’s tiny but cheap. I really like it here.

Everyone in the building is under thirty (there used to be an old woman, but she passed away). That means everyone has sex all the time. Did I mention the walls are thin? You might have gathered that. Anyway, whenever anyone has sex here, someone else can hear it.

I have never heard my next-door neighbour have sex, which is weird because I can hear him do other stuff, like walking. But I hear my upstairs neighbours have sex fairly often. They are both really attractive.

How often does it happen that your loud-sex neighbours are really attractive? Not very, which puts me in a position to tell you something: neighbour sex is never arousing, even when both parties are attractive.

And now you know.


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